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Term Life Insurance
(Form Series ART12)


Timely Death Benefit


American National's term life insurance product offers a competitive array of level death benefit coverages, with various permium payment alternatives. These plans can provide the solutions to many of the financial problems that would be caused by premature death. They provide large amounts of coverage for various specific periods of time. As term insurance, the plans are designed to meet protection needs that are temporary. As life insurance, they provide the special benefits described in the following paragraphs:


  • Tax-free benefit. No other product will provide such a large, instant cash windfall, income-tax free, at the very time it is needed most. (IRC Sec. 101 life insurance proceeds are generally held to be tax-free).

  • Benefit is paid immediately. Your beneficiary will receive the policy proceeds without the inconveniences of the probate process.

  • Financial privacy. Life insurance is not a matter of public record. Your beneficiary will receive the death benefit discreetly upon your death.

  • Premium payments. After an initial specified period, the life insurance benefits provided by these plans may be kept in force by the payment of increasing premiums through age 95. No additional evidence of insurability will be required after your policy is issued.

  • Convertibility. An attractive alternative to the increasing cost of term coverage is the ability to convert that coverage to permanent life insurance. These term products contain a conversion option which you may exercise during the policy's early years, depending on your age and the term policy you choose. Check your policy for conversion details. This conversion privilege allows you to convert to a permanent policy without furnishing additional evidence of insurability. American National offers a wide array of competitive permanent insurance plans with level premiums and tax-favored cash accumulation potential.

  • Preferred ratings available. If you're applying for more than $250,000 of coverage, you may qualify for one of the company's "preferred" underwriting ratings, thereby reducing your premium.

Financial Objectives Most people want to accomplish one or more of these financial objectives:

  • Providing for the ongoing living expenses of family members in the event of a breadwinner's death
  • Making sure a child's dream of a college education will come true
  • Making sure your home is paid for and that you and your family get to live there for as long as you want.

  • Money at retirement to do the things you've always wanted to do