Permanent Protection, Level Payments And The Accumulation Of Cash Value!

Whole Life InsuranceUnexpected life events don’t have to create financial hardship for the ones you love. Long-term financial instruments such as whole life insurance offer a dependable way for you keep your loved ones financially secure even after you’ve gone.

When you choose one of American National’s whole life insurance policies, you’re choosing a lifetime of protection. Our whole life products provide guaranteed benefits for your loved ones after you’re gone, as long as the premiums are paid in a timely manner. 

Features Of Whole Life Insurance Include:

Fixed Premium 

Budgeting is easy with a consistent premium payment.

Accumulation Of A Cash Value 

Cash value accumulates over time, and some policies may allow you to borrow against it. 

Fixed Benefit 

You can choose the amount you leave to loved ones, and rest easy knowing that’s what they’ll get.


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